Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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I want to share my simple software with my viewers, The main aim of this software was to convert Text into voice.
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Patient Management System(Asp.Net)

Free Patient Management System

This software can be used to keep track of the patients registering in a hospital or clinic. Also, this system supports accessing the previous visit histories of any patient, search for patients by name and other properties etc.

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ASP.NET Spell 2.0

The AspNetSpell component provides international spell checking for your ASP.Net web forms. It can be installed and integrated into most applications in a few minutes.

AspNetSpell behaves very similarly to MS Word's own spellchecker, making this software familiar to users. The software includes familiar features such as Grammar Checking and Personal Dictionaries.

AspNetSpell is compatible with ASP.Net 1 and 2 (C# / VB.Net / J# / C++ .Net). The code it delivers is W3C HTML and XHTML compliant, and has a good degree of accessibility.
Click and Download ASP.NET Spell 2.0

Voting Software (VB)


1. Enter nominee or candidate in Nominate form.
2. Open Couting form to vote for your candidate - highlight the name of the candidate and click the increase button to increase the vote for a selected candidate. Otherwise click the decrease button if you have mistakenly click the wrong candidate. The data is saved automatically to the database.
3. Open Print Result to view the result of voting.

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Billing Software(VB)

Basic features include:

1. Monthly Charges

2. Receive Payment

3. Customer Ledger

4. Collectibles

Click and Download Billing Software

Hotel Reservation System

Basic features:

Guest reservation
Billing System
Change room
Multiple account per room
Guest report
Other charges
Click and download HRM

Internet Billing System

Allow connection from multiple computer
Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc.
Time plan
Member and walk-in customer
User's rate information
Automatic generation of a coupon/user code and password
History report

Click and download Internet Cafe Coding

Download POS source code

Free Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System.

A must have features:

1. Barcode support
2. Point of Sales
3. Place an order (sales order or purchase order)
4. Receive or deliver an order by batch
5. Support for returning of orders
6. Product inventory according to unit of measures
7. Run the source code to appreciate the program

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